With a long career filing and defending civil and commercial lawsuits in court, we have extensive experience in judicial procedures with international elements attached, such as the implementation in Spain of foreign judgments and litigations between parties of different nationalities.

  • Contractual and non-contractual liability.
  • Building Contracts and Construction Laws.
  • Corporate conflicts.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.
  • Accountability actions against company´s board of directors.
  • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts.
  • Commercial bills, checks and promissory notes.
  • Insurance.
  • Common hold property / Condominiums.
  • Rural and urban leases.
  • Payment claims.
  • Contract validity, execution and Interpretation procedures.
  • Contract resolution and termination procedures.
  • Inheritance, successions and testaments.
  • Incapacitation.
  • Proprietary rights'.
  • Provisional and final execution of judgments.
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